Jennifer Backlund, born 28.11.1991

Artist, Graphic Designer, Shoe Designer. 

My name is Jennifer and I´m a Nordic designer and artist from Helsinki working on a broad scope of different visual projects inspired by nature. I have experimented with different artistic techniques since childhood and today I paint with a mixture of abstract and realism depicting themes of nature, the universe, spirit animals and human connection to the earth.
Exploring the beauty of nature and how we humans connect with it is a common thread throughout my work. I grew up in the city of Helsinki but spent most of my childhood summers by the sea outside of Helsinki and in the Finnish archipelago. I am passionate about the ocean and nature. Shapes of water, fluid movements, organic shapes, galaxies and roots are recurring elements in my art and design work. I use a variety of styles to explore this theme, from fine art to large murals, illustrations and design projects.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss my work, collaborate or buy or order a custom piece of artwork. I accept orders both for fine art, murals and selected design projects. I am especially passionate about bringing murals into private homes and indoor spaces as they bring so much colour and imagination into our living habitats. I am a member of the Finnish all female Street Art collective “Mimmit Peinttaa” and also have some experience of arranging art workshops and teaching different painting and drawing techniques. 

I am easy going to work with but very passionate and diligent about my work. As a Swedish-speaking Finn, I speak Swedish, Finnish and English fluently, you can contact me in any of these languages :)
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